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The Characteristics of Multicultural Education

Write a description of one way that multicultural education has been implemented in your school or district. In your description, provide the following:

(1)Your evaluation of the program, initiative, and/or strategy in terms of its effectiveness in affirming diversity and developing a climate that is inclusive for all

(2)One or more suggestions for how teachers can increase their awareness, develop their skills, and/or reexamine their roles in order to best serve all students

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Multicultural education has been implemented into my school district by way of a multifaceted program initiative. One of the major components of this program has been the inclusion of multicultural history coursework at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. In addition to the standard US history that is taught at the high school level, a portion of this course has been utilized for the teaching of African-American, Hispanic American, Asian-American, and Native American contributions to American society. This section of the US history course will also introduce students to the history and cultures of ...