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Critical Race Theory

This posting investigates guiding principles of the theory, recommends strategies, offers learning activities, etc.

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1) As you examine the guiding principles of the theory, you might want to discuss how CRT examines that racism is ordinary, an almost implicit part of society. It also embodies that there is a "white-over-color ascendancy" or that racism is difficult to address and overcome. Another element is called interest convergence or material determinism These principles suggest that racism advances the interests of both white elites and working-class people, so some segments of the population have little reason to combat it.

Another theme of critical race theory involves social construction, a notion that race is the products of social thought and relations. It implies that race is not inherent or fixed, has no biological or genetic reality. Instead, CRT infers that society invents and manipulates race.
Differential racialization is another aspect. It examines how dominant society racializes different minority groups at different times. It shifts popular images and stereotypes of various minority groups shift over time.

If you still need assistance, you might want to investigate notions of intersectionality and anti-essentialism. A final element concerns the notion of a unique voice of color. Since you also need ...

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