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    Queer, Race and Practice Theories

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    Can someone please help me understand queer theory, race theory, and practice theory? How and why they are used is explored.

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    Queer Theory

    Queer theory challenges heteronormative discourse and theory; and places the non-heterosexual subject at the centre of inquiry. Queer theory examines the lives of people such as transgender or homosexual, or transexual who have been historically absent from discussions. Queer theory can be applied to other aspects of society because it blurs the black and white lines of the binary to begin to understand many concepts beyond a dichotomy. It queries the world while simultaneously queering, or blurring boundaries to include those who do not fit into heteronormative categories. It enables us to look beyond a two gender system and beyond heterosexuality versus homosexuality.

    Scholars to look for on this subject. Judith ...

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    A straightforward and brief overview of Queer theory, Race theory and Practice theory. Each theory is outlined in simplistic terms to enable a foundational approach to using these theories. A source for each theory is provided for further reading.