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Gender Issues: Sexism and Homophobia

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Please help with the following: Consider how research and/or practice that is focused on gender issues might be effectively and creatively employed as tools of social change in the service of reducing sexism or homophobia. In this I need at least one concrete action that could be taken to further the change considered. Describe any ethical implications related to the action proposed. Please use article as sources for references. Thank you so much.

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Homophobia is the term typically used to describe hostility and prejudice toward homosexual individuals and their behavior (Herek, 1996a as cited in Pachankis & Goldfred, 2004). Homophobia refers to an extreme, negative reaction on the part of both heterosexual and homosexual persons to homosexual individuals and homosexual behavior. Research shows that LGBT individuals are confronted with many challenges to the homophobia they experience. For example, LGBT clients face homophobia that expose them to high rates of sexual assault, violence and robbery.
According to Kantor (2009), homophobia is a symptom of an emotional disorder just as paranoid delusions, or obsessions, basically. Structurally. "Homophobia ideas and behaviors extend deeply into the individual psyche or match the symptoms of an emotional disorder (p. 57). Further, Kantor suggests education as a key to social change regarding homophobia.

For instance. Proselytizing homophobic behavior will bring about a change in accentuating the positive and not the negative often used when referring to homosexual, or Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgendered (LGBT) persons. Many students feel empathy ...

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This solution discusses how research and practice can be used to bring about social change regarding homophobic issues.

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