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    Women and the Criminal Justice system (US)

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    Neubauer, David W. (2001) Debating crime: Rhetoric and reality. Belmont, CA:
    Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

    ? Resources: The National Organization for Women Legislators Web site, Debating Crime, and the Internet.

    ? Imagine you are a member of the National Organization for Women Legislators
    (http://www.womenlegislators.org/ ), and you have been asked to present at the upcoming annual conference.
    ? Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 10 slides, with speaker notes, about current issues facing women who participate in, or are affected by, the criminal justice system. Your goal is to educate fellow legislators about the issues and their causes by fairly presenting all arguments surrounding each issue. Primarily, address the issues of
    possible under prosecution of sexual assault cases, and whether the criminal justice
    system is biased against women.
    ? Include facts and figures from Debating Crime, as well as information found on the Internet. Be sure to keep your presentation objective and cite sources according to APA requirements.

    If you can help me with the information I can put the PowerPoint presentation together.

    Thank You.

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    Title: Women & the Criminal Justice System

    Women have gone a long way in society since the day of Abigail Adams & Lizzy Stanton. The movement for women's rights peaked during the 50's & the 60's & showed results in the proceeding decades. Today, a woman is as respected as men in just about any field: education, medicine, corporate industry, etc. In politics & legislation, America is seeing for the first time a woman contending in the Presidential nominations. It doesn't mean however that to this day, there isn't discrimination existing against the female sex. Now, more than ever because of their ability to work for & protect women's rights, female legislators are proactive at it, ensuring that issues & concerns by women are covered within the American Congress & Senate.

    (Here, use an image of Abigail Adams,

    Slide 2
    Title: Women's Rights

    When we talk of women's rights, we refer to the inherent freedoms of women that could be institutionalized or suppressed according to the beliefs & customs of a particular society.

    (Here, use images of women from the US & all over the world; take your images from BBC or the National geographic website)

    Slide 3
    Title: A Vindication of the Rights of Women

    In 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft of England, one of the Age of Enlightenment's social philosophers & early feminists bewailed the inequality of sexes & argued in her writings the importance of equality & for ...

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    This solution discusses varied issues involved in the topic "Women and the Criminal Justice System" using the David Neubauer criminology book as a reference point. It is a solution guide in creating a 10-slide powerpoint presentation looking at said topic discussing women's rights & feminism & provides a historic picture of women's struggle for equality throughout American History. It also provides insights on certain issues in the criminal justice system - that of battery, domestic violence & sexual assault cases & provides a discussion that looks to whether there is a bias in the criminal justice system for or against women by looking at specific cases & current movements.