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    Criminal justice

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    Debate this statement:

    Criminal justice is not racist.

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    Racial disparity in the criminal justice system may well be the most profound civil rights crisis facing African Americans today. Blacks have been making the accusation for decades that the nation has implemented a social policy of locking up youth of color in an ever-expanding prison industrial complex, while at the same time slashing public education programs to the bone.

    One aspect of this problem is the loud complaint from Black and Latino communities over the years that there is a racist streak running down the back of the U.S. criminal justice system. Many studies and reports show that these accusations are founded not in paranoia, but in the actual racist administration of what passes for criminal justice in this country.

    In Justice for Some, an April 2000 report funded by U.S. Department of Justice, the results are showed that Black and Hispanic youth are ...

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    Criminal justice is not racist.