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Overview of CRT

Critical Race Theory and its connection with evaluation and success is achieved.

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1 a. As you examine CRT's stance about evaluation, you might want to notice how experts suggest that minority students perform worse than their white counterparts on traditional evaluations and assessments. Please note that theorists maintain that "a dysfunctional curriculum coupled with a lack of instructional innovation (or persistence) adds up to poor performance on traditional assessment measures" (http://www.units.muohio.edu/eap/departments/edl/eduleadership/anthology/CH/CH05001.html).
In other words, many CRTscholars argue that poor test scores provide rationalizations for the placement of African American students and minority students into our remedial, intervention, and even special education programs.

Besides cognitive evaluation problems, CRT theorists suggest that behavioral problems also hinder students in terms of evaluation. For example, many students "act out in resistance, leading to problems with discipline. It is important to address the inherent flaws in our schools' assessment measures when ...