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    Critical Race Theory Definition

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    What is critical race theory? Please help me understand critical race theory.

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    'As my students headed down the stairs to greet me, I could see a group of teachers, including the principal, peering over the banister, watching my every move. The look on their faces was one of bewilderment as to why I was not crying or the least bit upset that I had been assigned to teach that group.

    "Are they bad?" one teacher asked of my students.

    "No," I shrugged. "Many of them are very bright. They are just bored and need something more challenging to keep them engaged in the learning process."'

    The very week of our Presidential election in 2008, I had an opportunity to work with a group of Chicago Public School (CPS) ...

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    This excerpt simplifies the message behind Critical Race Theory and explains how easy it is for people to let their own personal beliefs and misconceptions limit their perspectives about reality.