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Atypical student drawings

What actions might you take if a student is drawing atypical pictures that cause you concern? What other issues might arise in an elementary classroom with regard to arts education? How might you deal with these issues?

This solution examines reading questions.

What is the difference between assessment and evaluation? What is the role of assessment in a balanced literacy program? How would you prepare your students for high-stakes district, state, or national testing in the area of language arts/reading?

An interactive approach for working with diverse learners

How does the increase in diversity among students in the U.S. contrast with the current changes in the demographics of teachers? Why is this issue for the educational system? What constitutes a diverse learner? As a teacher, what are some essential things you need to learn about your students? How will this knowledge affect thei

Corrective Action

Answer the following questions. 1. What is a corrective action? 2. What is the relationship between a causal factor and a corrective action? 3. How must a corrective action be written? 4. List the hazard control precedence. 5. Why should a company track corrective actions? Read chapter 12 in your text Answer

3 Graphic Organizers

In your own words, discuss 3 graphic organizers that can be used to present and to gather information when reading.

The Patriot Act

Q1. What are the principle functions of the USA PATRIOT Act, the Homeland Security Act, and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5? Do you feel that these functions are effective? Q2. What issues have been raised concerning some of the authorities granted to government agencies in the USA PATRIOT Act? Are these issues via

Fundraising and Endowments

I need some help with drafting the text for a donor brochure for any school of medicine/health Sciences/health management explaining endowments and why donors should fund endowments. Also, come up with a rough draft of the position description for the director of development for such school.

Movement Activity for Preschool

Pretend you are the director of a day care center. Describe a movement activity that you want your employees to do with a certain age group. The activity should be open-ended, and it should promote creative responses while helping increase motor proficiency. You assign the activity and the age group. Describe the activity to yo

Opinion on the Beslan Terror Event

Q1. What was the Beslan event? What were three lessons learned by terrorists from that incident? Brief answer. Q2. Do you believe the response the United States has taken since September 11, 2001 goes far enough to combat terrorism? What would you do differently? What would you keep the same?

differentiated strategies to facilitate the development

Discuss the importance of: 1- implementing differentiated strategies to facilitate the development of student skills aligning to satisfy N.Y.State Examination Standards. 2- various methods to showcase student strengths and weaknesses.

Diversity and Multicultural Issues in Brokeback Mountain

Discuss your views about diversity in counseling in reference to Jack or Ennis in the film Brokeback Mountain, or to Andrew Beckett in the film Philadelphia. Pick one of these characters and describe the diversity and multicultural issues you would need to address if you were working with him as a client in individual counseling


Provide one example of a formative and one example of a summative assessment.

causation of reading delays/disabilities

Briefly discuss these topics as they relate to causation of reading delays/disabilities: 1. time-on-task, 2. preferred learning modality, and 3. reading history. To do this: (a) describe what the term refers to, (b) state whether it is considered a myth or a possibility in regard to causation, and (c) say w

Discussing a portfolio assessment

In regard to portfolio assessment, discuss the following: 1. What is a portfolio? 2. What is the value of a portfolio? 3. What are some things that might be included in a literacy portfolio? 4. Why should multiple samples of the same targeted area be included in many cases?

Strategies to build cultures

Select a strategy for building relationships that can be used in the work setting and how it can be implemented, how it is grounded in research or best practice.

Online Counseling Practice

After careful consideration, you have decided to begin an online counseling practice. Discuss what you view to be the key considerations as presented in the counseling literature. What potential risks are you willing and unwilling to accept to make your practice successful? Discuss any pertinent laws from your state that may rel

Mark Case Study

The Case of Mark Mark is a counselor in the inner city of Toledo, Ohio, where he maintains a private practice. Mark works Monday through Thursday providing services to low-income clients. He often lets clients go without payment because he knows that they really need the help. He even lets the few who do have insurance go wi

Reflection on a teacher-led experience

Reflect on a prior instructor-led learning experience in which you were the student. You may choose a training course or a classroom course. Address the following questions: ââ?¬¢ What were you hoping to learn from the learning experience? ââ?¬¢ What process or model do you think the instructor followed when p

Survey Questions

Which survey method (mail, telephone, or personal interview) would you use for the following situations? Explain your choice. Situation 1 Administration of a questionnaire by a local restaurant that wishes to find out customers' satisfaction with a recent menu change. Situation 2 Administration of a questionnaire