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Effective Instructional Techniques

Reflect on a prior instructor-led learning experience in which you were the student. You may choose a training course or a classroom course.

Address the following questions:

ââ?¬¢ What were you hoping to learn from the learning experience?

ââ?¬¢ What process or model do you think the instructor followed when planning the learning experience?

ââ?¬¢ What indicated to you that the learning experience was well planned and met applicable standards?

ââ?¬¢ How well did the learning experience meet your needs?

ââ?¬¢ There are many different methods for lesson planning. In Methods for Effective Teaching, you were introduced to the linear-rational, mental-image, and backward design methods. If you had been the instructor, which of these models would you have used to design your learning experience? Why?

ââ?¬¢ If you had been the instructor, what role would standards play in your planning of this learning experience?

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What works well is a bit of direct instruction and then space to explore.

Reflecting on a prior instructor-led learning experience, this writer recalls a flowering plant class, where the professor used direct instruction for the teaching methodology. A very well organized instructor, with clear objectives, materials, visual aids, field trips and literature provided a good role model for this class and teaching style. It was intense and with the requirement of learning 150 flowers, the common names, species, genius, and scientific names during a spring session. The primary motivator for enrollment was accruing credit. However, the content was like many that offers life skills. The goal was memory work, realistically, but after more than a decade, the skills, and content still lingers. There's a difference between ...