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Two-day workshop for managers

You are asked to deliver a two-day workshop for managers on effective feedback skills. It is focused primarily on performance reviews. Approximately 100 managers need to be trained. Describe what the content of the training would entail. the methods you would use, and the instructional media and equipment you would want and why. Also, what type of room setup would you want, and why? Indicate how many sessions you would need for this number of managers and and explain why. (training and development) 200 words or more APA format thanks.

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// For developing feedback skill in the Managers, 'workshop' plays a vital role because workshop provides detailed information on the issue along with the information on the latest techniques that are being incorporated in the system. So, here we will discuss the information regarding the content of the training that should be incorporated in the workshop.//

Training and Development

Content of the Training: The content of the training would be based on the importance of performance review and how the effectiveness of feedback skills can be increased in reviewing the performance. For reviewing the performance, managers would be taught practical aspects related to the optimum utilization of human resource, and how they can be judged in terms of work performance and efficiency. Training would help in improving weak points of an employee in a particular area. They would ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 533 words with references.