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Your Delivery System

The delivery system in the ASCA National Model represents a template used to define the day to day functions of school counselors. According the Gysbers and Henderson (2000), the delivery system comprised of four parts: the school guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support. For th

Curriculum-Based Measurement

Curriculum-based measurement is based upon the classroom content. Provide an example and description of the measurement you would use in your classroom to assess a child in the referral process.

Communicating the Vision, Culture, and Norms

Establishing and Communicating the Vision, Culture, and Norms I need assistance with gathering and compiling information for the following assignment. Please read below. References need to be provided. For this assignment, suppose the organization you have selected is beginning a strategic planning process, and you

Group Counseling Plan: Eating Disorder

Describe the program(s) identified and any empirical support presented for the efficacy of the group program. Determine if you would use the information in the development of our group counseling units, and describe how you may adapt them to fit your school environment. Include the URLs of the web sites you describe so tha

Role of Critical Pedagogy

**How does taking a critical view of the schools change how you would answer questions regarding the aims and purposes of education, the content of the curriculum and the roles and responsibilities of teachers and learners? **Speculate about how you think that these responses are mediated by personal experience, race, soci

Bilingualism in workplaces

Accepting the fact that the bi-lingual is not going to go away, â?¢What can we do to address Bi-Lingual Issues in our workplaces? â?¢Should there be Federal Requirements? â?¢Should the Federal Government use Taxpayer Money to fund solutions? Support your opinions.

Noise Hazards

Noise and Vibration Hazards: Visit the OSHA website www.osha.gov and read 29 CFR 1910.95. Visit the websites listed below. After you have viewed all three, pick one of them and write a brief commentary. http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/hpworkrel.html NIOSH - A Practical Guide to Preventing Hearing Loss - 96-110 NIOSH / Noise /

five classifications of fire

There are five classifications of fire. What is the full definition of each. Industrial Hygiene is not a separate topic under OSHA regulations but encompasses predicting, recognizing, assessing, controlling, and preventing environmental stressors in the workplace that affect workers. Go to the OSHA website www.osha.gov and r

Accident Investigation

Which of the accident investigation techniques covered in the week ten presentation do you believe you might use in the future, and why? What is the purpose of accident investigation? We pay bonuses based on your accident record." "We pay bonuses based on your crew's accident record." Comment on whether you think t

Special Education for Preschool Students

Write an IEP for a preschool student who has a disability in the area of language and social development. The student has a language disability that requires speech services. The student resides in a foster home.

Introductory College Mathematics

Readings: NCTM (2000). Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (Executive Summary accessed through http://www.nctm.org/ select Standards and Focal Points from menu under the NCTM logo on upper left of website and then select Exec Summary within the Math Standards section along middle of the page or go directly to http:

Which opportunity offers business more?

The three major challenges faced by businesses today are globalization, advances in technology, and deregulation. - Which of these affords the greatest opportunity for established businesses? - Which affords the greatest opportunities for new businesses? Why?

OSHA and Working in Temperature Extremes

Hazards of temperature extremes. Visit the OSHA website www.osha.gov and find the section of the standard which covers working in extreme temperature (heat and cold). Please post that you have you have read the above standard with your paper below; however, test questions will come from this section of the OSHA standard. Per

Action Research Proposal: Research Methods

I need help with Action Research Proposal: Research Methods. 1) Select the population and sample that is the focus of the action research project. 2) Describe the method of research to be applied and why it is most appropriate for the study. Describe the population, the sample, and how you intend to gather data to address th

Mock IEP

Create a profile of a child including age, grade, special needs category of Learning Disability and ADHD, strengths (sports, arts and crafts, social skills, helping others, etc.), needs (homework, attendance, social skills, following rules/procedures, etc.), and present levels of performance in language arts and math. Harol

Effective Assessments

As a corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company with employees throughout the U.S., what is an effective assessment format to use as an exit interview exam for all new hires for this company attending training at headquarters?

Providing feedback for students

What are some ways students can receive feedback? How can students provide feedback for each other? How can feedback be successful and unsuccessful? What is the best way to receive or give feedback?

Harry Wong's Writings of Student Achievement

Thinking about Harry Wong's writings of student achievement, what are the five most valuable points you are taking away from the experience? How and why were these points so enlightening? Explain.

Job Safety Analysis (Accidents, Injuries)

Do you believe that a J.S.A. process can help reduce accidents and injuries? Support your opinion. How could employee reporting of near misses help to reduce accidents and what role would management play in the process?