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The Role of Critical Pedagogy

**How does taking a critical view of the schools change how you would answer questions regarding the aims and purposes of education, the content of the curriculum and the roles and responsibilities of teachers and learners?

**Speculate about how you think that these responses are mediated by personal experience, race, social class and gender?

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1. As you assess the role of critical pedagogy in the work of teachers in the schools, I see it as a beacon to illuminate the path for more effective instruction, differentiation, mentoring, multiculturalism, collaboration, assessment, and remediation with kids.
Critical pedagogy offers the theoretical framework to enable us to grasp the "big picture" before attempting to paint it within the smaller canvas of our classrooms.

As an advocate for multiculturalism, I feel that critical pedagogy gives teachers the tools to ensure that education is equitable. Ladson-Billings proposed this critical approach "in relation to the differences between African American students and their ...

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