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American Exceptionalism

To what extent do you think schools should be emulating other countries' educational systems and to what extent do you believe in "American exceptionalism" when it comes to schools?

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The use of different countries education is good whenever this entails successful proven methodology. Therefore, if deciding to use another's country's education methods it is imperative for the country using this technology to understand what this country has ascertained from the education techniques and how they have successfully implemented the model. There exists many successful techniques for learning and countries should not engage in xenophobia types of behavior or nationalism when determining if they are going to utilize what has worked elsewhere.

I would propose first that the country that is interested in using another country's educational model send an educational consultant to that country on an official mission to interact with the professionals responsible for implementing this model. This will ensure that the country who is interested in obtaining the model is ...

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The expert discusses the philosphy of American exceptionalism. Countries educational systems are given.