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Speech Analysis

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There are a list of speeches available on this web site under "Speeches to Watch". Choose one (or more ) of these speeches and write 3 pages that describes the speech itself, the speaker, the effective speaking techniques and any improvements that could be made to the speech itself. Students should demonstrate their knowledge of the speech process by using terms and concepts from the course.

web site: http://www.professorspeakeasy.com

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The expert lists the speeches available on a web site search.

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John F. Kennedy's inauguration speech in 1961 was predicated upon several important facets that are pertinent to the steps of effective communication. First the speech was in conformity with the 7 processes or steps of communication wherein the speaker must have attentive listeners and carry a powerful message through channels that can reach the masses. In addition, the speaker must be able to limit interferences both in the audience as well as by the speaker to ensure that the message and its importance are conveyed to the listener who can figuratively offer feedback to what has been heard.

Kennedy was able to combine his technical skills as an orator with his personal enthusiasm to bring change to his country. The speech served as his implementation into the highest position in America and he sought to develop a repertoire with the audience both at home and those at the inauguration. This was done through his message that focused on many topics including American alleged exceptionalism , poverty in America, and ...

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