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OSHA and Working in Temperature Extremes

Hazards of temperature extremes.
Visit the OSHA website and find the section of the standard which covers working in extreme temperature (heat and cold). Please post that you have you have read the above standard with your paper below; however, test questions will come from this section of the OSHA standard.

Perform a "Google" search using "working in temperature extremes" as your search item. Select one of the websites and read through the information. In one-half page or more, tell me how you would instruct a worker to protect himself/herself in EITHER high heat conditions or extreme cold situations. Be sure to include the website address as the source in your report.

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One of the first things that I would instruct a worker to do to protect himself when working in high heat conditions, is to be sure to consume a lot of fluids, preferably water, in order to ensure that the body has the necessary water content to produce sweat in order to continuously cool their bodies, which will serve to protect the brain and internal organs from becoming damaged from a significant rise in their body temperature. I would advise these individuals to continuously drink ...

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The expert examines OSHA and working temperature extremes.