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OSHA and Noise Hazards

Noise and Vibration Hazards:
Visit the OSHA website www.osha.gov and read 29 CFR 1910.95.

Visit the websites listed below. After you have viewed all three, pick one of them and write a brief commentary.
NIOSH - A Practical Guide to Preventing Hearing Loss - 96-110
NIOSH / Noise / A Comparison and Contrast of Workers' vs. Health and Safety Professionals Attitudes and Beliefs About Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss

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NIOSH/Noise/A Comparison and Contrast of Workers Versus Health and Safety Professionals Attitudes and Beliefs about Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss, is a very interesting website that provides a great deal of information on the striking difference between the attitude shared by workers and those shared by safety professionals, in respect to their perspectives and beliefs about the effect that a noisy work environments can have on their hearing. From the information that is provided at this website, it appears that most workers are not fully aware of the detrimental effects that the noise level within their work ...