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    Select and summarize an OSHA article on workplace safety

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    Go to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration web site (http://osha.gov/). There is a section called 'News' where you can find multiple articles. Select an article relating to workplace safety and answer the following questions:

    1. Briefly summarize the article
    2. What alternatives could the place of business have taken in order to avoid penalties.

    Remember to cite your article in APA format at the bottom of your essay.

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    The article from the OSHA web site discusses the fines imposed on a U.S. Postal Service station located in Capital Heights, MD. The U.S. Department of Labor imposed $272,000 in fines for failing to provide training for Postal employees, on the hazards of working with electrical devices and for failing to provide adequate protective equipment to employees. Specifically the fines address the failure to provide employees with protective equipment to prevent injury "From arc-flash hazards and electrical current, and failing to ...

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    This solution provides a summary on an OSHA article on workplace safety.