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What do you think workplace safety would be like without OSHA?

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Start by reading OSHA's mission statement.

Go to http://www.osha.gov/.
Go to About OSHA.
Click Mission Statement.
Read the mission statement.

The Center for Responsive Law is a Ralph Nader organization that advocates on behalf of consumers. Read the article about OSHA at their website.

Go to http://www.csrl.org/.
Click The OSHA Mission - Found and Lost.
Read the article, especially section 1, "Why OSHA?"

Answer the following question:

What do you think workplace safety would be like without OSHA? Do you think managers and company owners would still be safety conscious because it is the ethical thing to do? How do you think you would feel as a Manager if an OSHA inspector showed up unannounced? Explain your answer

Just looking for a paragraph or two.

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OSHA is designated as an agency for oversight of workplace safety. As such, it has met many challenges and continues to push for enforcement in providing safer work practices. One of the greatest challenges it faces is in gaining cooperation from corporations, where many myths or stories about the agency's ...

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