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    Please answer each with 300 words and use 2 scholarly peer-reviewed articles for each question including one reference from this companion website.

    What role do you think safety and health professionals should play in a product safety program?

    Describe how a hypothetical OSHA workplace inspection would proceed from the first step through the last step. Within this inspection, list and explain three problems that could be cited. What would be the maximum penalty OSHA could propose for one of these violations if the citation is classified as serious?

    Explain the body of law that governs safety and health litigation. What are the legal terms that are included in summarizing the legal principles as related to safety and health? Explain in detail.

    As a safety and health manager, what types of cost reduction strategies would you implement in order to minimize your companies workers' compensation costs? Provide two examples of general strategies and two examples of specific strategies. Explain how each example you offer can work to the benefit of the company.

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    OSHA and the role of safety and health professionals within the workplace.