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    Classroom Management

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    This book describes how classroom disciplinary issues can be minimized, by utilizing simple management tools. Since classroom behavior has a direct correlation on the teaching and learning that take place within the classroom; it is important to recognize strategies that can enhance the learning experience, not deter from it.

    This book is ideal for current educators or students entering the educational field.

    An Introduction to Classroom Management

    When working with a classroom management strategy, it s imperative to make it student-centered. In fact, according to former U.S. Department of Education teacher-in-residence, Mary Beth Blegan, The most important action an effective teacher takes at the beginning of the year is creating a climate for learning. Management strategies should focus on teaching the student self-control through positive feedback and instruction. The students should also be empowered to make good choices. While tips are shared throughout on how to better manage a classroom setting, it s important to note that it s always a work in process. Some strategies work better than others. Also, as a teacher, one s skills are honed over years of experience. Therefore, classroom management is not only important to learn, but also to improve upon year after year.