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    Introductory College Mathematics

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    NCTM (2000). Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (Executive Summary accessed through http://www.nctm.org/ select Standards and Focal Points from menu under the NCTM logo on upper left of website and then select Exec Summary within the Math Standards section along middle of the page or go directly to http://www.nctm.org/standards/

    Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC) (1995). Crossroads in Mathematics. http://www.imacc.org/standards/ Read Ch. 2. Question:
    Discuss the extent that the Standards for Introductory College Mathematics (Ch. 2 of Crossroads in Mathematics) are similar to and/or different from the Process and Content Standards for School Mathematics.

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    Many similarities exist between Standards for Introductory College Mathematics and Process and Content Standards for School Mathematics as both espouse that teachers should increase attention in math by enabling students to use connections between mathematics and other disciplines and integrate ...

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    The differences between introductory college mathematics are provided. The math standard sections along middle of the page are determined.