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    Chi square test

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    Do not understand how to calculate and the concept behind these computations. See the attached file.

    Students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question:
    At α = .01, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned?
    Credits Earned Very Uncertain Somewhat Certain Very Certain Row Total
    0-9 12 8 3 23
    10-59 8 4 10 22
    60 or more 1 7 11 19
    Col Total 21 19 24 64
    Instructions: In all exercises, include MegaStat, Excel, or MINITAB exhibits to support your calculations.
    State the hypotheses, show how the degrees of freedom are calculated, find the critical value of chisquare from Appendix E or from Excel's function =CHIINV(alpha, deg_freedom), and interpret the p-value.
    Tell whether the conclusion is sensitive to the level of significance chosen, identify cells that contribute the most to the chi-square test statistic, and check for small expected frequencies. If necessary, you can calculate the p-value by using Excel's function =CHIDIST(test statistic,deg_freedom).

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