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Statistics Chi Square Test for Independence - Relationship

Question :

Prof. H. Elp Me- John, a mathematics counselor, is interested in the relationship between math anxiety and the successful completion of the introductory college math course. A random sample of 300 college students enrolled in the introductory college math course were given a test to measure their anxiety level on the first day of the course. The results of the anxiety test and their final grade in the math course are given in the following table:
Grade Low Medium High
Passed 59 32 29
Failed or Withdrew 31 58 91

Based upon the sample data, can you conclude that anxiety level and successful completion of the math course are independent at level of significance of 1%.

a) Formulate the hypothesis
b) State the decision rule
c) Calculate Chi-Square statistic
Determine the conclusion an

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Null Hypothesis :
H0 : Anxiety level and successful of completion of ...

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