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Emphasize effective questioning.

Please help with the following problem. Discuss the importance of implementing effective questioning to assess student progress. What methods and styles would you implement to afford all types of learners the opportunity to meet expectations and achieve goals?

Importance of Action Research

Please help with the following problem. Discuss the importance of Action Research to teachers teaching children with special education needs. Mention some of the weaknesses of (limitations) of action research.

6 facets of understandings

The following is a Standard in Pennsylvania for grade 9 in Family and Consumer Science: "Analyze how public, non-public, and for-profit service providers serve the family." 1. Identify "enduring understandings" that are important to this standard. 2. Identify which facets of understanding will help you determine if your st

School Fundraising Letter Assistance

Take a look at this school's site: at Now include the school's osteopathic Principles and the importance of addressing mind, body, and spirit-then draft a fundraising appeal letter for the school. Outcome: Recognize the major components of a comprehensive devel

Explore closing the achievement gap according to theories and practices.

We believe that all students can learn, but the extent of their learning is determined by their innate ability or aptitude. This aptitude is relatively fixed, and as teachers we have little influence over the extent of student learning. It is our job to create multiple programs or tracks that address the different abilities of

valid assessment/reliable score

Focus on your knowledge concerning the delivery of instructional objectives regarding student assessment and learning outcome. Discuss the importance of implementing both validity and reliability in assessing student growth and achievement! What is a valid assessment? What is a reliable score?

Debate bilingual education briefly.

Bring to mind the arguments presented for and against bilingual education in schools. Which ideas resonate with you the most? Which stance do you find most compelling? Why? If challenged to select and then defend your position on bilingual education, what might you say?

Fundraising Letter Analysis

Please analyze these letters' pros and cons: Appeal Letter 1: Dear Friend: Thank you for supporting Midwestern State University in the past. Your gifts have meant so much to the University. I am writing to you today to tell you that we need your support more today than we ever have. We recently learned that the state

EETT grant-writing guidance is included.

Your school district wants to apply for an Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant. These grants are funded by the No Child Left Behind Act, but application and awards are managed and distributed by the individual states. The primary goal of EETT is â??to improve student achievement through the use of technology

Lesson observation summary is described.

Observe a social studies lesson for elementary school children. Write a summary of the observation experience. Include the following in your paper: â?¢ Background information, including school name, grade level, teacher, and lesson topic â?¢ Types and uses of resources, including community resources â?¢ Classroom m

Linguistic Diversity and Learning

In the Speech Emergence Stage, students tend to develop a vocabulary of about 3,000 words and can communicate with simple phrases and sentences. They will ask simple questions that may or may not be grammatically correct, such as May I go to bathroom? ELLs will also initiate short conversations with classmates. They will underst

Curriculum Theory is related to a real life setting.

Select an educational setting with which you are familiar and have some knowledge of the stakeholders. Select and describe a curriculum theory that might help explain how all stakeholders within that setting make decisions. Decide if the same stakeholders might make better decisions if they were more aware of the curriculum

Assessment elements are identified.

Can you tell me the importance of the 4 major components of assessment: 1)purpose, 2)measurement, 3)evaluation and 4)usage. and How are these components essential to the overall assessment of students regarding achievement and success?

Blooms taxonomy

What is the overall implementation of Blooms Taxonomy regarding educational objectives and how does this method of instruction show the type of cognition that the students need to demonstrate and how content is learned and applied.

A fundamental pitfall in qualitative research is to confuse the actual observations with the interpretation of the observations. Why is it important that these two things remain distinctly separate?

1. A fundamental pitfall in qualitative research is to confuse the actual observations with the interpretation of the observations. Why is it important that these two things remain distinctly separate? 2. Your chapter identifies several weaknesses related to survey data. Note one of these weaknesses and discuss the associated p

Analyzing Ethical Considerations

Case Studies Case Study A: Medical School Foundation: You are the executive director for a medical school foundation. You have a very active foundation board of directors. The members of the board are dedicated to the mission of the foundation, a majority of the members have significant business experience, and some also

Fundraising and ethics are correlated.

Discuss the arguments for and against various approaches to the Smith Family I.C.U. Case Study involving handling the receipt of gifts tainted by scandal or wrongdoing. Smith Family I.C.U. Case Study Smith was the chief financial officer for Big Business Company â?" an internationa

Learning theories.

Learning theories fall into two major families: behaviorist/connectionist theories and cognitive/gestalt theories.?Behaviorist philosophies include such diverse theorists as Thorndike, Pavlov, Guthrie, Skinner, and Hull. Cognitive theorists include Tolman and the classical gestalt psychologists.? To help me with my paper, ple

Annotated Bibliographies

EBook: Beaumie, Kim (2001). Social Constructivism.. In M. Orey (Ed.), Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology. Retrieved (2011), from .This summary was created by Buffalo Shuford, Sheri Howard and Daniele Facundo (2006) Journal: Bargh, John A.; Ferguson, Melissa J.

Asymmetrical Power and the War on Terror

Q1. What is asymmetrical power? How does it relate to the war on terror? Q2. What are some of the main factors contributing to increasing global and domestic inequality?

Characteristics of Multicultural Education

Write a description of one way that multicultural education has been implemented in your school or district. In your description, provide the following: (1)Your evaluation of the program, initiative, and/or strategy in terms of its effectiveness in affirming diversity and developing a climate that is inclusive for all (2)O

Identify a commercially produced assessment tool used in an educational setting.

Identify a commercially produced assessment too used in an educational setting. Your project must include the following components for using the tool: h. Description of intended audience. Include at least one table or chart that summarizes demographic information. i. Discussion of how the assessment tool has been used in at