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Preference of Online Learning Environments

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Why would one prefer an online learning environment where instructors are more of a guide on the side than a lecturer and one prefers to read on one's own than be lectured to? Do you think that this environment is possible in the face-to-face scenario or do you think that it is only possible online?

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With a online environment, most facilitators do exactly what the title stands for, facilitate. Most of the time the textbooks, the lecture, the discussion, and any other supplemental materials are given ahead of time so that the student can read them on their own time. This will allow the facilitator to monitor the students growth as the student independently goes forward. Sometimes in the online environment the goals and objectives of the course are broken down into weeks or into sections. This sometimes limits the productivity of the student because once they have finished the week's objectives, they cannot go onto the next week until the assignments and ...

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The preferences of online learning environments are determined.

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Synchronous online environment

Regardless of how synchronous an online learning environment is, it cannot totally recreate a face-to-face environment. However, the inability to recreate a traditional classroom environment is not necessarily always a bad thing. The traditional classroom offers distractions that are out of the control of the individual. Things like ambient noise, classroom temperature, smells, seating arrangements etc. are either uncontrollable or are set up by the teacher in charge. Any one of these may be distracting to individual students. By having control over their learning environment online learners are able to manipulate their surroundings to best suit their learning style and preferences. A synchronous online environment should, in most cases, do just as good a job as traditional classroom at delivering instruction.

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