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Curriculum Design to Meet Society's Needs

Discuss in what ways and to what extent curriculum should be designed to meet the needs of society. In what ways should it meet the needs of individual students? Describe current curriculum debates occurring in your primary subject area and how this will affect your instruction. Explain whether curriculum should be a state or a federal matter. Justify your response. Identify the forces you predict will have the largest influences on curriculum in the next twenty years. Provide at least three ways that teachers can prepare for these changes.

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Curriculum should be designed to meet the needs of society, by insuring that the curriculum contains subject matter that is pertinent to the skills that citizens need in order to contribute to the betterment of society at large, and curriculum should be adopted as the needs of society change with the passing of time. Curriculum should be designed with the aim of meeting the needs of advancing the cause of a productive and prosperous society to a great extent, without infringing on the students ...