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Gender and Educational Psychology

What is the significance of student gender in educational psychology? How does gender impact your instruction and the learning environment? Why is understanding psychosocial stages in childhood and adolescence important?

Special Education: Cerebral Palsy

When a child in elementary school has cerebral palsy what are two goals that the teachers should design to meet the needs of the student? What are the specific disabilities of the disorder? What are the salient complications as a result of the disorder? What are the financial effects on the family and what type of assistance wi

Twelve Ethical Standards: Examples

Give an example of how each of these 12 ethical standards would be used in qualitative research for data collection: Avoiding harm Nondiscrimination Non-exploitation Harassment Public Communication Confidentiality Informed Consent Competence Representation and Misuse of Expertise Research Misconduct Plagiarism C

Connecting with your Audience: Eduation vs. Training

1. What is the difference between educating and training? When do you, or should you, use each? Name examples in your life when you have received each type. 2. When teaching/ training a course, what are some of the ways to connect with your audience? Have you used any of these? Have you been in a class in which the instructor

Conflict Resolution: Human Resource Planning and Evaluation

Select the scenario below and develop a conflict resolution procedure. Scenario: Your school has been asked to participate in a pilot program within your district that is dealing with facility efficiencies. Participation in the program will require your school to begin and end operations 1 hour later than the standard within

Special Education - EBD

What are five assessments commonly used for identification and determination of EBD used in schools?

Special Education: Example Question

According the following article: Why is Ineffective instruction harmful to EBD student in the area of academics and social skills still important today?

Special education of a physical and health impaired student

I am required to ask a special education teacher what is the impact of the physical and the health impairments on the education of disabled students. I could use as much information for the above question. I would also like to know How does it affect them emotionally, socially and academically and what can be done to help them

Methods in earlychildhood and curriculum development

Develop a curriculum that can be implemented in an early childhood classroom using the philosophy of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky and others. How does these philosophies indicate developmentally appropriate practices in the areas of science and mathmatical concepts. What is the theory of constructivism and the Zon

Causal Factors of EBD

How can one use (a) Biological, (b) Family, and (c) Culture, to identify causal factors of EBD?

What to do about College

Why should one attend college? We have many reasons for and against attending college. During a time when it has become more of a monetary concern than simply a middle class rite of passage, it is best to go to college for a specific skills based degree. Humanities seem less important these days, as Art and Poetry do not and

Human Resource Planning and Evaluation

Describe a type of organization of interest to you in the education/training industry (K-12). Select one job description category that would exist in that organization (teacher or adminstrative assistant) and describe the job. Explain the rationale for the elements of compensation detailed for the job. Include citations and refe

Training departments are beginning to fulfill the needs

1. Training departments are beginning to fulfill the needs of life-long learners in three important areas: core training, collateral training, and career training. How might each pertain to your current and possible future situation? 2. How might organizations that have a high need for replacement and newly trained employees

Human Resource Planning and Evaluation

You are a senior leader in a school or business, and have been asked to conduct an internal audit of the organization's HR function. Write a memo to supervisors in your organization, outlining a Human Resource audit process, methods, and key success measures for each HR system to be audited. Relate your proposal as specifically

What is meant by Visionary leadership?

1. What is meant by Visionary leadership? 2. Describe Customer-Driven Excellence. 3. What are the Seven Steps to Strategic Planning? 4. What is a TQM Exemplary Organization? 5. Describe the Baldrige Award Program. 6. Look up Deming red beads theory and discuss what it has common with Safety.

EBD Students and Accommodation

What is unique about the EBD (Emotional Behavior Disorder) student population? What is considered a "standard" accommodation vs "non standard" accommodation? What is the difference between implementation for special ed student use?

Special Education for Parents

I am creating a power point presentation for parents who have children that suffer from emotional behavioral disorder (EBD). I need to know how to explain to them exactly what emotional behavioral disorder is, what causes it, and what are the facets of this disability are. I would also like to know what type of activities the p

Erikson's theory of Holland personality types

Using the following outline help me to write about each of the following: Write an introductory paragraph about growing up on a farm and going to church with father all the time. I need to refer to Erikson's theory or Holland personality types or Bronfenbernner. Please also list two references. a. Father being the bread w

Impact of Musicians and Performance

Ready for a virtual field trip? Follow this link to Austin City Limits. Choose two artists that you have not heard before, then watch and listen to their featured songs.

Decisions about Classroom Curriculum

How much input should parents, community members, and local leaders have in deciding what is to be taught? Justify your response. Should all students be taught the same curriculum? Why or why not? Should we teach religious studies in public schools? Why or why not?

Discuss paradigms and what they mean to TQM

1.) Click on the link below, and view it in its entirety. Discuss paradigms and what they mean to TQM. You will need to google the below address, for some reason blackboard is not letting you click on the link. 2.) Vision, Mission, and Planning.These three words are completely foreign

Effective Safety and Health Training

Effective Safety and Health Training Chapters 1, 2, & 3 Break down an OSHA regulation according to the first four steps outlined in the Steps in the Design and Development of Training section in Chapter 2 (page 7). Your outline should be emailed to me as a attachment by the deliverable due date outlined in the course calenda

Preference of Online Learning Environments

Why would one prefer an online learning environment where instructors are more of a guide on the side than a lecturer and one prefers to read on one's own than be lectured to? Do you think that this environment is possible in the face-to-face scenario or do you think that it is only possible online?