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Instructional Design

1. If you were working on an analysis, how would you feel if you did a lot of work on this analysis, and then say, 6 months later you viewed the final product and it was clear that most of your analysis had been either ignored or not taken into consideration? How might this have happened in the first place, and what ideas do you have (if any) on how this could have been prevented?

2. How about this scenario: Two instructional designers at the same college are assigned by their supervisor to work together on a new online course development. She sets them up with an initial meeting with 4 faculty who currently teach the course face to face. What type of communication should happen from this point forward? How should they proceed?

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1. Usually when a design fails, it is because too little emphasis was placed on analysis. Sometimes during the ADDIE process, analysis is done but ignored altogether because the project was previewed by a subject matter expert instead, or it was decided to use already existing content to cut corners. All of this, of course, leads to design failure somewhere down the line. If I had worked hard on analysis and had my work ignored, it would probably make me feel very bad knowing that my analysis would have prevented failure, and thanks to someone making a bad decision (by not ...

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