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Arts Standards Scavenger Hunt

1. Locate an Arts standard that involves giving a performance. 2. Locate an Arts standard that relates to the higher levels?terms such as evaluate or create?of Bloom's Taxonomy. 3. Locate an Arts standard that seems to be a mainstay of the discipline. 4. Locate an Arts standard that exemplifies authentic learning. 5.

Comparing Data Collection Techniques

I need help with an assignment. Here is the description: Investigate various methods for collecting data (For an Educational Research Class) in a research project and prepare a 3-4 page response discussing: 1. The pros and cons of each method 2. The selection of a data collection process that would address the project ou

Adult Instruction - Best Practice

Discuss a "best practice" for adult instruction or training, such as engagement or discussion techniques, utilization of technology, etc. Include a description, a rationale, and an application.

Becoming a Student Peer Mentor

Some of my career goals range from a social psychologist, behavioral analyst or a therapist. How can becoming a student peer mentor at my college help to promote my possible future career paths?

Becoming a Peer-Mentor

Answer each of the three questions: 1) Why should a student in their third year in college with a high GPA want to become a peer-mentor to a new student who will be entering their freshmen year at the university that they attend? 2) What skills does a student in their third year in college have that they believe will help

False Belief Tasks

According to your text, "the 'gold standard' that researchers use to demonstrate understanding of belief is success on tasks that require understanding of one's own or another person's false belief" (Siegler, 2005, pg. 318). Young children often fail false belief tasks. This finding has been interpreted in a number of different

Qualitative Research Article Critique

Please help me with this assignment. Choose a qualitative article that will be used in your final project. Provide a brief critique of the article, commenting on the following: 1. The purpose and goal of the study as stated or implied by the problem statement, research question(s), and hypothesis(es). 2. The source of inf

Language Development and Kuhl's Research

Throughout the early stages of life, infants and children experiment with communicative attempts through crying, eye gaze, gesturing, cooing, and then eventually speaking. Based on Kuhl's work, how do you feel language develops in infancy? How should language be supported in infancy and early childhood and would that support met

When Accepting Help Becomes Cheating

A student in your class needs to travel during one week of the course and will not have access to a computer during the trip. She wants to complete her assignments ahead of time. She asks you for permission to give her conferencing program User ID and password to her husband so that he can post the assignments for her while she

The Student-Centered Learning Environment

Best practice in teaching includes designing a course that is student-centered. What are the primary aspects you will incorporate into the instructional design of your course to create a student-centered environment?

Synchronous Tools for Education

How can synchronous tools such as Skype, Live Chat, and AOL messaging be used to provide feedback in the form of guidance or "touching base"? Provide real-life examples to illustrate.

Teaching Life Skills through Education

I will be completing the practicum for my program soon and am looking for ways to break the ice with my students. Are you able to provide me with any easy suggestions on how I can create a bond with my students on the first day of class?

Digital Learning

Certainly, one of the major challenges of real-time chat is coordinating times and work for all participants. What can we do to insure high levels of participation through on-line communication methods?

Holistic vs. Analytical Rubrics

(1) One day stop-ins (students who appear to jump into the course once a week for ten minutes and do all their required posts) concerns some faculty (certainly not all). Should students be required to log in more frequently? Do you think that holistic or analytical rubrics are more beneficial to the online environment? (2) H

Effective Course Evaluation Forms

Can you tell me another way that I can reach my students and find out what they are thinking without using essay formatted course evaluation forms in class?

The Greats of Adult Education

I need to complete a research paper on the history of adult education and its contributors. Are you able to provide me with the names of a few individuals that I can include in my essay?

Serving Students with Physical or Health Impairments

What are the responsibilities and experiences needed by special educators who serve student with physical or health impairments? What is the significance of motor development, specifically the difference between typical and atypical motor development of a child with the special needs? What is the impact of physical and health im