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Enhancing the Student Experience

What potential (and downsides) do you see in using blogs to teach writing to your online students?

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According to, blogs are easy-to-use websites where individuals can quickly post thoughts and publish articles to any internet user. I thought about introducing blogging to my class, but reconsidered because I thought it would turn out to be a project entirely too difficult to manage; especially since a good number of my students do not like computers or typing. Just getting some of them to email me an assignment is like pulling teeth.

According to, blogging in the corporate world, which makes up a great deal of my responsibilities at the consulting firm I work for, is normally focused around:
- Driving Sales
- Public Relations
- Customer Relations
- Research and Development
- Information and Education
- Internal Communications
- Community Development

After reading this information, it was easy to see ...

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This excerpt weighs the pros and cons of using blogs to enhance learning in the classroom.