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Cooperative Learning Strategies

Compare two different cooperative learning strategies for engaging with expository text in the content area classroom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, how deeply does each strategy encourage connection with the text, and how well can each strategy be connected to other activities involving the text?

Pedagogy and Online Learning Technologies

How do you think pedagogy is affected by online learning technologies? In other words, how might these technologies constrain instructors' abilities to implement Chickering and Gamson's "Seven Principles?"

Wonderments and Stimulation of Curiosity

Self-directed learners engage in a number of intelligent behaviors. Among them are those who listen with understanding and empathy, metacognition, and wonderment. Describe a wonderment you could use to stimulate curiosity about important content in your curriculum. Explain how collaboration with your school colleague (if any)

Improving Instructional Design

What is an instructional situation or a learning situation in which poorly conceived knowledge of the instructional context might harm the success of the instruction? What may be done to utilize these context characteristics to correct the instruction and achieve success?

Behavioural Eating Habits, HIV and Breast-Feeding

1. What is the relationship between genetics and behavioral eating habits? In which stages of the lifecycle is nutrition more important? How might current choices affect future health? Provide a rationale for your answers. How is the effect of nutrition on growth, development, and learning different during the various stages of

Instructional Design

1. Pretend you work for a huge organization as an instructional designer. This organization is so big it has separate departments for each step of ADDIE. What department would you prefer to work in, Analysis, Design, Development, or Evaluation? Why? What would some of the advantages be in having separate departments for eac

Optimal Educational Environment

Describe the optimal educational environment in your current or future role as an education by addressing the following: 1. Create a list of best practices for ensuring the safety of students. 2. Discuss how the needs of students with disabilities would be met. 3. Outline a plan for protecting both teachers and the school

Narrative Text in the Secondary Classroom

1. Define narrative literature. 2. Investigate the possible uses of narrative literature as it applies to middle school language arts and/or content area classrooms. 3. What are the advantages of using narrative text? 4. What are the disadvantages of using only narrative text? 5. Propose five possible uses for narrative lite

Vocabulary Programs

Do you think that most traditional vocabulary programs are ineffective? Why or why not?

Instructional Design

How would you describe the field of instructional design to a friend who is not an instructional designer? Give an example of an instructional experience in which one participated as a learner (work or school). Just based on one's gut feeling, do you think the instruction was well designed, or not, and why? Was there anything

Encouraging Habits of Mind

Research suggests that the habits of persistence, precision of language and thought, and managing impulsivity can lead to self-directedness. Select two that you see as interrelated in some way and explain how the selected two relate to each other. Write a description of a teacher behavior or practice that may inadvertentl

American History Test Format

Write one good item in any format, along with a brief explanation of why you think it is a good item. The item should be for a new test you are developing called the American History Test, to be administered to ninth graders.

Where are examples of dramatic form in the play - Riders to the Sea

Use the play, Riders to the Sea (Synge) as an example, explain what elements and qualities make drama unique as a literary form. Support your idea with textual evidence from Synge's play. Take into consideration how the literary theme of Riders to the Sea relates to the dramatic form. Please list any resource used.

Emerson and Mentoring

Based on the quote below, can someone explain in detail how this thought connects to facilitating results through mentoring? "The only true gift is a portion of yourself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Strategies to Improve Student Understanding

Please help me understand this problem. 1. Describe one observed procedure for how students self-monitor and self-report performance on classroom assignments. 2. Analyze the level of student engagement with an observed procedure for student self-monitoring and self-reporting of performance on classroom assignments. 3. Assess

Mentoring: Reinforcement and Reward

In the work environment, how can reinforcement or reward be utilized to encourage positive action and outcomes from a mentor-mentee relationship?

Early Intervention Programs

Explain the benefits of an early intervention program for parents of children with Intellectual Disabilities (ID).

School-Wide System of Behavior

Why does a school wide system of behavior support the optimal type of implementation for behavior management? Can having or not having a school wide approach affect one's role as a coach and if so, how?

Toxicological Poisoning

Identify three common chemicals found in the home and discuss their potential for toxicological poisoning. Include what treatment, if any, is appropriate in these poisoning cases.

Classroom Curriculum: Ability and Age Needs

How does age affect curriculum for students with severe disabilities and/or mental challenges? What can assist teachers in creating a curriculum that matches both ability and age needs?

Assessment - AZELLA

How does assessment data from the various formative and summative assessment tools, such as AZELLA and high stakes standardized tests, drive instruction for English language learners as well as native English speakers? Please provide a detailed explanation for the logic behind your response.


What is differentiation? Include hallmarks/principles/elements, and discuss content/process/product.

Describe Lesson Pacing/2

1.) Lesson Pacing: Why does a teacher need to pace a lesson? 2.) ELL Class: How is vocabulary a key factor in teaching ELL students a new concept? Include an explanation that compares how pacing differs for a class with and without ELL students. 3.) Complexity of Content: Finding the gaps of what students kn