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Relevance of Everyday Education

Hi, I just need your opinion and input. Do students these days seemingly need a quick fix, education~wise? Is that why online schooling and technical schools seem to be so popular? Are the days of living in a dorm room, pledging fraternities and taking Basket-Weaving 101 a thing of the past?

Principles of Accounting: Practice Exam Questions.

1.  The usual presentation of the statement of owner's equity is (1) Beginning capital, (2) Net income or loss, (3) Drawing, (4) Owner's contributions, (5) Ending capital.   TRUE   FALSE 2.  At the end of the fiscal period, prepaid expenses are reported on the Income Statement as expenses.   TRUE   FALSE 3.  After t

Identifying Influences on Behavior.

Hi Debbie, I am having trouble finding information on identifying 3 risk factors which influence behavior (may include considerations of brain development). I also need to know how each factor influences behavior. Could you explain to me how teachers analyze strategies that they may use to support the process of changing or r

Collective Bargaining and Employment Law

Find a corporate sample collective bargaining agreement/union contract Evaluate the agreement/contract from the viewpoint of the organization's management and human resources perspectives. Select key provisions of particular interest to management or HR. Discuss your analysis of key provisions and potential impact on managemen

How to Deal with a Disruptive Student

There is a student in my wife's class who is constantly trying to monopolize her time. He asks broad questions and insists that she answer them fully right then and there when she is in the middle of instruction. She tells him that we don't have time to discuss that in the middle of class but she would be happy to answer his qu

School Counselor Scenario

In my first school counseling job I notice that some teachers are not following students' Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). For example, one teacher does not allow un-timed testing for students who require this accommodation. When the accommodations are given, the teacher embarrasses the students and tells them in front

Gender Equity in Campus Athletics

Gender Equity in Campus Athletics 1. Discuss the background of law 2. The issues addressed 3. How it came to find its way into law 4. How it has been interpreted in regulations developed by the Department of Education and the various states.

Challenging behaviours in the instructional environment

Just need your opinion and input with these 2 questions. 1. Consider a situation you have experienced in which challenging behaviors hindered the instructional environment and instructional delivery. 2. How may an effective course syllabus or instructional agenda guide the instructional process?

Challenging behaviour in young children

At what point does behavior become challenging? Include at least 3 examples of challenging behavior that are commonly seen in young children. Cite at least one source, in addition to course text, to substantiate your response.

Separation of Church and State and Exericse of Religion

1. What limitations are there on the exercise of religion in institutions that accept government funds? 2. To what extent may government be involved with higher education institutions affiliated with religious organizations? 3. What does the First Amendment "free exercise clause" mandate? 4. What does the First Amend

Quantitative Statistical Techniques

Summarize a quantitative research article. Be sure to state how you know the techniques were quantitative. Discuss one strength and one weakness of the statistical techniques discussed.

Phsyiological and biomechanical impacts on workplace design

b. Explain how biomechanical activity, physiological activity, and anthropometric activity interact to assist in the design of a workplace. A paragraph will do. c. Visit the Balans Chair web site (http://www.sitincomfort.com/hagbalvittas.html). Write a short paragraph telling me what you think of their version of "sitting."

How Multiple Disabilities is Significant to Classroom Learning: The definition of multiple disabilities is significant because of the ways that education must be approached for these children. Certainly, the general education program will not suit them although the law still is for children to be placed in the least restrictive environment.

Why is the definition of multiple disabilities significant to education? How does it relate to the classroom? To answer this question, a study called The use of a Multisensory Environment for Assessment of Sensory Abilities and Preferences in Children with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities: A Pilot Study, was ex

Assessing a Retail Area According to ADA Requirements

Management Proposal You will build a Proposal to Management. You will research Federal and State "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA) standards. For purposes of this assignment, I am assuming that each student resides in the State of Texas as Texas statutes are accessible via the web. Federal statutes are also available

Egoism and Altruism Behaviours

1. Give an example of something that one culture might regard as a virtue that another culture might not. Explain why this could lead to relativism. 2. Psychological egoism claims that whatever we do, we do out of self-interest. Give an example of an act you think is not done out of self-interest, and explain how the psycholo

Interview Questions

What factors that led you to pursue your PhD in Business Administration and your purpose for engaging this level of scholarship? Include the academic influences that have shaped your thinking regarding this field of study. Personal references, such as family or religious inspiration, are often too individualized for this pur

Direct and Indirect Instruction - Maria Montessori

Hi, I need some assistance with these questions. 1. How do you think Maria Montessori would have answered this question? Under what circumstances do you use direct instruction, rather than indirect instruction? Under what circumstances do you use indirect instruction, rather than direct instruction? 2. What do you think M

Ethical Issues in the Field of Educational Research

I need help! The description of the assignment I have to complete is below. I would like someone to provide information to help create each portion of this assignment. I can not seem to come up with enough ideas to make it long enough. I just need assistance and guidance with this. Description Discusses various ethical

Using Positive Emotions and Controlling Negative Emotions

Explain two specific ways that one can utilize positive emotion in his or her life (thinking, schoolwork, social life, family life, etc.) and how one can implement those methods. In addition, explain two ways that someone can control negative emotion in his or her life (thinking, schoolwork, social life, family life, etc.) and u

Direct and Indirect Instruction

Hi, I just need your input and opinion with these 2 questions. 1. Under what circumstances do you use direct instruction rather than indirect instruction? Under what circumstances do you use indirect instruction rather than direct instruction? 2. How does a facilitator's use of multiple instructional strategies benefit

Building Relationships in an Educational or Work Setting

I need to select a strategy for building relationships that can be used within an educational or work setting. My assignment is to find two articles on using this strategy in either the classroom or in a professional development setting. Please help me with a guide on where to start.

ADDIE Model Phases

Hi, This is my first time creating an ADDIE project for the following information below. I tried but it became very confusing. I need some assistance. How many phases are there? What information goes where? How do I set up the training process? Thank you! The technology coordinator will put together a plan using the ADD

Economic development and impact on a community

A local employer plans to expand its employee base by at least 1,000 workers per year dependent upon the availability of qualified workers. What some social, political, and economic issues?

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Article Evaluation

Qualitative Research Article Evaluation Provide a brief summary of the problem and research question. Briefly describe the degree of control the researcher(s) had over the following methodological components, and mention any issues with bias that they might encounter: 1. Selection of participants (or other data source[s])