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Two Advantages and Disadvantages of Qualitative Research

Discuss at least two advantages and two disadvantages of qualitative research. Include details on how these advantages and disadvantages could affect outcomes of research in professional practice.

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Two advantages of qualitative research are that it is conducive to action research and transferable. Many research inquiries require that the research be able to be implemented into real life situations wherein once the research is completed it can be easily transferred toward the phenomenon. With traditional quantitative research designs this is not always practical, as researchers are more focused on the theoretical paradigm and how the research will be applied in a philosophical sense. Objectivity is the quality displayed by quantitative researchers who do not invest a personal interest in the outcome of the research, but rather allow for the data and statistics derived from the data to speak for the research. In qualitative research, researchers have a subjective vantage point and are personally concerned or invested in the research process.

This is necessary for issues that many qualitative research designs attempt to address, such as public and societal problems. When the researcher has a vested ...

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This solution discusses two advantagaes and disadvantages of qualitative and quantitative research focusing on differences in the design of quantitative and qualitative research.