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School Counselor Scenario

In my first school counseling job I notice that some teachers are not following students' Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). For example, one teacher does not allow un-timed testing for students who require this accommodation. When the accommodations are given, the teacher embarrasses the students and tells them in front of the class to take the test in the library since they get the privilege of having an un-timed test. The teacher that is doing this has been teaching at the school for 25 years and is the popular head coach of the school's football team, which is state championship bound.

Based on the ASCA Ethical Standards, what is my responsibility in this case, and how would you handle the situation?

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You are obligated in this case to protect the educational program and counselee against any infringement that is not in the best interest of the counselee. Therefore, you must inform appropriate officials of this ...

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The responsibility in the case and how you handle this situation is determined in the solution.