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    School counselor consulting with teachers

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    Consulting with teachers is an important role for the school counselor. Teachers often seek out their counselor colleagues to help them with challenging situations. In the behavioral model of consultation, the consultant assesses the problem, sets goals, develops the plan, and evaluates the outcome. In other words, with this model, the consultant is essentially taking the lead in every aspect of the consultation.

    Create two consultation scenarios:
    One in which you identify an issue and explain how this particular model would be effectively used.

    Another in which you explain how and why this model would be ineffective.

    A short answer in 300 words.

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    As you create a situation in which you identify an issue and explain how this particular model would be effectively used, here is an ideas:

    An eighth grade English teacher, Mrs. Newbie, is struggling with Jarron, a new ESL student who recently arrived from Mexico three months ago. Jarron speaks proficient English, but he is angry that he is in America because he deeply misses his family in Mexico, particularly his father. He refuses to speak English in class.

    Since his parents also divorced recently before the move, Jarron is also experiencing anger, ...

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