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    Analyze teaching scenario

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    - Describe why this class is failing and what can Marsha do to improve this situation.

    - Make two recommendations that Marsha Warren should do when she returns to the classroom and regain control of the situation

    -What should she do over the long term? Include at least 3 suggestions, supported by the course text and/or a scholarly source from the online library. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each suggestion.

    Using APA format use three articles or reading to support information.

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    Describe why class is failing: the reading states that students are functioning at a maturity level that is below average. This is apparent from the descriptions of student's behavior. The teacher is doing most things right: she is communicating with parents, she has tried changing student groups, she is knowledgeable about student backgrounds and has appropriate theories regarding why students are struggling. She has implemented additional rules, and taught them to the students, as necessary, and has changed her own personal demeanor to provide more structure, which this class needs.

    One thing she has not done: she has not held individual children accountable for each instance of their misbehavior. Addressing the class as a whole works only marginally well with high school children - appealing to the better nature of third graders is not a tactic that is likely to produce results. When children call each other names, that is an instance of disrespect (one of her class rules), and it does not require another rehash of the rules, it requires action as a result of someone choosing to break a rule. Your response to this section needs to acknowledge what Marsha is doing correctly, while pointing out what she is not doing, or has not yet tried. Refer to the reading for examples of both, and include them in your response. She has also not taken advantage of the resources available to her from her school and school system (several examples mentioned below).

    Two recommendations: A system of removing privileges has worked only marginally well. Perhaps instead ...

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    A teaching scenario is given, analyzed, and recommendations/suggestions are made for the teacher to improve the culture and discipline of her classroom.