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Melissa Reid, Littleton HS case study analysis

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Use specific samples from the reading to support your answers:

* Melissa Reid's student teaching experience goes from good to bad very quickly. To what do you attribute this?

* Is Melissa following good classroom management practices? Why or why not?

* What should she do about James' threat?

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Your case studies in this class are getting serious pretty quickly!

Teaching experience deteriorating causes:
This portion of your response is a summary and an analysis of the information contained in the case study. What is happening in the problem class, which the reading focuses upon (the other class the student teacher is responsible for is barely mentioned) is that the students are challenging the inexperienced teacher's authority, and her "right" to lead and be in charge. Notice that this misbehavior occurs only when the recognized teacher leaves the classroom, and Melissa is in charge by herself. Students do this with experienced teachers also - it is just harder for an inexperienced teacher to to posses the arsenal of strategies necessary to know how to cope. There are some individual problem students in the class, and some difficulties with group dynamics, where individuals are feeding off of the disruptive behavior of others present.

Good classroom management practices:
Melissa is following good practices. She is re-teaching the class rules that were in place ...

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