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Course Syllabus and Instructional Agenda

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Research elements of effective course syllabi and instructional agendas.
Review any Instructional Plan or Plans of your choice, or a digitized version of a post-secondary plan or training plan, to use in creating a course syllabus and an instructional agenda.
Report on the following in a PowerPoint Presentation:
- The important elements of an effective course syllabus
- The important elements of an effective instructional agenda as found in your research

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This solution explains elements of an effective course syllabi and instructional agendas in a powerpoint presentation.

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Important Elements of a Class Syllabus

Course number and name
Instructor name
Class meeting times
Office: Room number and office hours
Web site URL

Class Syllabus

- List the required texts including versions numbers
- Discuss a course overview that includes the basic elements of the course
- Follow this with a detailed description of the course topics that will be ...

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