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    Work Awareness & Transition (WAT)Course Syllabus

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    Work Awareness & Transition (WAT)
    Course Syllabus 2012/2013
    Mrs. Hartman
    Room M-130
    Course Description:
    The content of this course is designed to provide students with a basis for success in the work force as well as in their preparation for independent living. The WAT curriculum is divided into two parts: Personal Awareness and Exploring and Choosing Occupations.
    WAT is offered to students interested in:
    • Expanding their personal and career awareness
    • Developing problem-solving and decision making skills
    • Establishing a career path based on career goals
    Students will:
    • Attend class regularly
    • Bring necessary supplies and materials to class
    • Complete assignments, class work and projects
    • Follow LBSS rules as well as classroom rules
    • Work cooperatively with classmates and staff
    • Give their best effort on all assignments and projects
    Please bring the following materials to class on a daily basis:
    • Pens and pencils
    • LBSS agenda
    Points will be accumulated throughout the quarter. Points will be given for warm-up activities, class activities and participation.
    A (93-100) = 4.0
    A- (90-92) = 3.7
    B+ (87-89) = 3.3
    B (83-86) = 3.0
    B- (80-82) = 2.7
    C+ (77-79) = 2.3
    C (73-76) = 2.0
    C- (70-72) = 1.7
    D+ (67-69) = 1.3
    D (64-66) = 1.0
    F (below 64) = 0.0
    Please try to have your child attend every class. However, if your child is showing any sign of sickness please keep them home. This is especially important if the student has difficulty communicating that they don't feel well. If your child is absent, please notify their sub school office immediately. Please notify me by email after you have notified the sub school office.
    Communication between parents and teachers is very important. Please know that I am willing to communicate with you about your student as much as you feel necessary, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The best way to contact me is through email but please feel free to call and leave messages about more pressing matters. All students will receive a communication sheet each day after class describing classroom performance.

    Back to School Night Date:
    Middle School - September 19, 2012

    Closing Remarks:
    I look forward to having a wonderful year with your child and hope to make each day a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Thank you so much for your support as we begin our new school year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Extra Help:
    Help will be available during Bruin Block.
    Contact Information:
    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or the WAT class. Below is my contact information.
    We have read and understand the syllabus requirements and expectations.

    ________________________________ _______________________________
    Student Signature

    ________________________________ _______________________________
    Home telephone # Business telephone #

    Parent/Guardian Email Address

    Parent/Guardian Signature

    Mrs. Shannah Hartman
    Room M-120
    I look forward to an exciting year in WAT with your student!

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    Work Awareness & Transition (WAT)
    Course Syllabus 2012/2013
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