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Relevance of Everyday Education


I just need your opinion and input.

Do students these days seemingly need a quick fix, education~wise? Is that why online schooling and technical schools seem to be so popular?

Are the days of living in a dorm room, pledging fraternities and taking Basket-Weaving 101 a thing of the past?

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This is a very good question with no one answer to it, unfortunately. It really depends on who the student is and his/her situation. The younger student just out of high school is still packing colleges across the globe in order to experience the hard work and social life that it has to offer. It is easy for him/her to do so considering he/she is young and most likely does not have children or a spouse to support. I honestly do not think, even with our recession, that any colleges are suffering dwindling admissions, so there is still a high demand for the traditional college life.

However, there is the adult population who, through circumstances such as dead-end jobs or unemployment, decide to return back to school to ...

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The relevance of everyday education is examined.