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Informative Speeches

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Using the components of these principles to create a "How would you...?" question about your own speech (i.e. How would you demonstrate your expertise, or how would you gather high quality information?).

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This posting offers planning strategy for an informative speech. This solution uses the five foundational criteria for an informative speech: need for credibility, need for intellectual stimulation, need for creativity, need for relevance, and need for emphasis.

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1. Strategy

a. Credibility: Show that you have ethos or experience in this area by citing health classes you have taken, research conducted about healthy hearts, interviews with patients or doctors, or quotes from a doctors/cardiologists

b. Need for Intellectual Stimulation: Emphasize to your audience how this knowledge satisfies and benefits their desires for healthy living. Information about how to monitor their blood pressure enhances the audience's ability to make healthy life choices. ...

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