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    Types of Speeches

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    For this task you are to do a short informative speech (No more the 3 minutes) written out.

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    Today my informative speech will provide you interesting and helpful information about stress. Terrifying facts about how stress can totally destroy your body. According to a medical report in 2012, the American Psychological association (Association of American Psychological, 2013), those who suffer from stress experience physical side effects. The effects are shaking, heart palpitations, including depression. It is a real epidemic that must be addressed (Business Insider, 2012).

    Interesting facts of information from a number of resources were compiled to determine if you are among those who suffer from extreme stress (Business Insider, 2012). Do you think your body can tell the difference between big and small stress? Did you know that stressing over everyday traffic can have the same negative impact on your body as a divorce?

    Stress results in 'cortical inhibition' meaning that some parts of your brain can shut down and keep ...

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