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Informative speeches

This posting builds a matrix of criteria for a good informative speech using this answers to the 'how to' questions and the foundational criteria for an informative speech credibility.

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a. Credibility: Today we are bombarded with advertisements, commercials, and media messages, urging consumers to buy and eat fast, greasy, unhealthy foods. After learning that "High blood pressure strikes one in three American adults," I decided to further research the topic." As a result, this speech demonstrates how to monitor your own blood pressure, how to use the 6 basic steps for prevention, why it is so important, and how it can lead to healthier, longer lives. Besides personal research through my own diet and exercise, I have also read numerous articles on the subject, spoke to campus health educators, and interviewed students about their behaviors regarding blood pressure. PLEASE ADD ANY OTHER DATA THAT WILL INFORM YOUR ...

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This posting lists elements of effective informative speeches.