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    Speech Style - Informative and Persuasive

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    1. What are the differences between informative and persuasive speeches? Can an informative speech be persuasive? Can a persuasive speech be informative? Why or why not?

    2. Discuss a modern example of a speech style (not informative and persuasive).
    Don't think just in terms of public speaking. Consider such issues as how changes in technology have influenced the way we communicate. Do you think these new styles will be long-lived, or do you consider them fads?

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    1. First of all, in this context, speech could refer to public speaking. On the other hand, speech could also refer to any form of communication. Informative speech tries to inform the audience, providing information and evidence without bias. Often informative speech provides both sides of the paper. Persuasive speech tries to convince audience of a specific opinion, usually only providing evidence for one side of the argument. So, for example, simply reading various articles in a newspaper, it becomes pretty clear that some articles have a specific argument that they are trying to make, while others are simply trying to educate the reader on an issue.

    Of course, persuasive speech can be informative, providing some information on both sides and giving evidence. However, the primary goal of the speech is still to ...

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    The differences between informative and persuasive speeches are provided.