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General Petraeus Speech

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Who is the speaker? Environment? Occasion?
What are they saying (what is the topic)
What are the sub-pointw of the speech?
What does the speaker hope to achieve? (desired results)
Who is the audience?
How do you evaluate the speaker's presentation (introduction, main body, conclusion, voide, credibility, research, gestures, humor, tone etc.)
Is the speech 1) informative (relating new information to the audience 2) persuasive (goal of changing the minds or the audience 3) entertain (upbeat, laughable 4) motivational?

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1) General David Petraeus; after the dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal and insertion of Petraeus into Command; Afghan ministers and all leaders of war effort in Afghanistan (NATO, etc.)

2) The war has been tough; we must win; the Taliban is dangerous; we will maintain the same strategy as McChrystal.

3) The subpoints: Petraeus addressed each group of people affected by this change. He addresses NATO, the Afghan ministers, and his soldiers and tells them what he'll do, how he'll help them, and the objectives.

4) There are ...

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