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Most Difficult Aspect of Assessments

What is your opinion with these two videos and this DQ?

What do you anticipate to be the most difficult aspect of assessment planning, assessment delivery, and assessment reporting?

Lean On Me (1989)
Principal Joe Clark addresses students: Welcome to the New East Side High

Principal Joe Clark Addresses Students: 'Welcome to the New East Side High'
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Lean on Me Inspirational Speech
I thought these would be interesting to discuss. After viewing / listening...think about whether this principal would be fired for some of the things he said or did if he did this in light of the PC environment we work in today.

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To me, the most difficult part about assessment planning, delivery, and reporting is to determine the successes and failures of former classes and figure out what needs to be done to make it more successful in the future. This is difficult because it requires building on the try-and-true as well as the successes of the former class in order to improve the next class, and this is difficult because it is done blindly not knowing what the next group of learners will be like and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Although assessment is the best tool to use for improvement, it is not always the most accurate tool to use simply because no two learners are quite the same. But assessments do provide a starting point for change and a means to create a plan. 'All assessment efforts start with a plan which lies out what we want to accomplish about assessing student learning. Plans include statements of goals, objectives, tools, methods, and how the results will be evaluated and connected with decision-making' (Core Courses and General Education).

Core courses and general ...

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