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Personality Assessment Stipulations

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Working on an assignment on the unique concerns of Personality assessments given in an "organizational settings" and an "educational setting". I intend to expand on this information to create an 8 page assignment. Any comments or personal thoughts welcome

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One of the unique concerns of personality assessments giving in an organizational setting, is the fact that the external stressors that are often a part of many organizations, may make it difficult for an individual to relax during the taking of a personality assessment. In situations of this nature, Individuals may not be able to become relaxed to the degree that they are able to answer the questions on the assessment, in the most honest and accurate manner possible. If individuals feel that they need to rush through these assessments, or to answer the assessments in a manner in which they think we give them a better chance of gaining employment or ...

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This solution describes the variables involved with administering personality assessment tests.