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History of Personality Assessment

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World events can often drive and direct scientific investigation. This is certainly true when it comes to personality assessment. Historical events from the first half of the twentieth century played an important role in the development of various personality assessment instruments. In particular, World War I and II prompted the need for quick screening of personality traits with regard to combat duty. The complexity of these assessment tools evolved significantly with the advent of multidimensional self-report inventories. The development of personality assessments was also influenced by professional organizations that emerged to meet the demand for increasingly sophisticated instruments.

This week, you explore the impact that historical events and personality theory have had on the development of personality assessment tools.

Give an analysis of how historical events and personality theory have shaped current personality assessment tools

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*Give an analysis of how historical events and personality theory have shaped current personality assessment tools

Personality theories are grounded in the philosophical roots of a 19th century psychology with its foundation of Greek and French philosophies that influenced modern-day psychological thought( Brennan (2002) Thus, Influenced by the varied views of Greek philosophers, the focus shifted from casual explanations of human nature to explain human personality and behavior. The oldest system of personality theory was initiated within these philosophies beginning with the psychodynamic theories of Sigmund Freud. Freud focused on the intra-psychic workings of the inner human being, and believed that the individual had unconscious conflicts that contributed to his or her problems. Subsequently, analytic theory emerged out of Freud's scientific views of the divided mind to act in understanding the rational and irrational aspects of human nature.

Although, psychoanalysis primarily utilized scientific approaches to assessment, it had an ...

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