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Red Cross Military Audience

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I have been given a hypothetical situation where I (a military General) need to give a speech to the Cincinnati military community at an event held by the American Red Cross. The speech is intended to be approximately 10 minutes.

Attached are some of the talking points regarding the American Red Cross' support to the Cincinnati Military Community. Please help me put together approximately 4-5 pages.

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The expert discusses how to write a speech about the Red Cross addressed to a military audience.

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The first issue you should consider here is genre. This is an example of epideictic or ceremonial oratory. Its main function is to praise and celebrate the accomplishments of the Red Cross, although in such speeches, the speaker normally concludes by reminding the audience that the Red Cross needs donations and volunteers to keep up its good works. In terms of general approach, you should be aware that your audience is favorably disposed towards the subject of your speech -- there aren't many people in the military (or in the US) who think badly of the Red Cross or somehow oppose it. This isn't, for example, a political debate in which half your audience might strongly object to your ideas. Instead, the issues you need to address most urgently as a speaker are:

1) Complacency: most of your audience has vaguely positive feelings about the Red Cross, but you want to move that vague benevolence to active volunteerism or donation.

2) Boredom: How do you get the audience interested in what you have to say? Most of the people are attending the event because it is obligatory, not because they want to hear the speech. They already know the Red Cross exists and have some idea of what it does. When a general is speaking, military personnel can't just decide that Netflix would be far more entertaining. How can you get people's attention so that they might ...

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