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    American Red Cross: E-Commerce

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    1. At what levels does the American Red Cross utilize nonprofit e-commerce? What technologies and platforms are used and what suggestions would you give to improve on both the technology/platform itself and the use of it within your NPO?

    2. Also Social Media/Networking sites such as YouTube, Flicker, Tumbler, Facebook and Twitter (just to name a few) have become increasingly popular in the nonprofit field- has one been actively used by the American Red Cross? If so, to what degree?

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    The Red Cross can use Lapel Pins R Us to design custom lapel pins with the American Red Cross logo. The American Red Cross can give the custom pins to the individuals to encourage donations and lapel pins have a lot of versatility as a valuable tool. The lapel pins can be given in a Blood Drive or fundraiser as a small token of appreciation. Further, the lapel pins can be used to identify American Red Cross volunteers (The information was obtained at http://e-commerce-web-solutions.biz/?p=1831 "How Non-Profit Organizations Like the American Red Cross Use Custom Lapel PinsNon Profit Work" ecommer April 25, 2012).

    The American Red Cross migrated several hundred web sites for local chapters into a single e-commerce platform ...

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    The solution discusses the at what levels does the American Red Cross utilize nonprofit e-commerce.